Tuesday, August 25, 2009

purchased used in Nov. 2007

this is what the bike looked like when I received it from the shipper.

It was not long before the incurable 'modifitis' set in:

  • front end was replaced with one from a Suzuki GSX-R
  • shorty Scorpion exhaust slip-on
  • dual headlights
  • Brembo radial brakes from a Yamaha R1
  • dirt bars replaced with clip-ons
it was just the beginning........

2008 was the first track season for this bike.

His June debut at Loudon, New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

some new decals...

off to New Jersey Motorsports Park the rest of the summer.

on Lightning,

as well as Thunderbolt
season over... what does that mean?
time for more mods!!!!!!!